Our Expertise

Concrete Sampling

We provide coring up to 24″ diameter. 

Demolition & Disposal

General demolition, removal and disposal of concrete walls to get the sight clean and ready. 

Geotechnical Sampling

Soil sampling for up to 10ft deep with auger or manual hammer.

Fresh Concrete Testing

Temperature check, PH check, humidity check, slump test and air test. 

Traffic Control

Flagging, signs and traffic management. 

GPR Scanning

GPR Scanning for conduits, pipes and rebar reinforcements.

Concrete Forming

Footings, foundation walls, sidewalk slabs and retaining walls. 


Concrete wall waterproofing and waterproofing for glazing structures and caulking work. 


Grading, culvert replacement, tree cutting, interlocking, asphalt paving and park restoration. 


Cutting up to 6″. Specialize in creating trenches for conduits, new plumbing/drain and electrical boxes (wall) or conduits (floor), basement walkout openings, sawcut on asphalts (for sanitary/water lines) and concrete chipping. 


For any inquiries please contact

647 832 6362