What WE DO.

Through utilizing the latest advancements in engineering, science and technology; we provide engineering firms and developers with professional and technical Civil Engineering and Construction solutions, consultation, methodologies and services.

About Us

With more than 30 years of experience in Canada and worldwide, our passion is to provide key civil engineering and construction services, in building and maintaining highly complex and advanced infrastructures. 

Our Services


We provide Asphalt Coring, Concrete Coring and Rock Coring services, to ensure samples from existing pavements, slabs or current structures are extracted effectively for further analysis.


Our Asphalt Cutting, Concrete Cutting and Metal Cutting services, utilizes the latest technologies and blades, while maintaining safety measures to get the job done. 

Scanning & Condition Survey

Our Corrosion Testing, Compressive Testing and Crack Monitory services provide detailed inspection of buildings and scanning 

Concrete Forming

Through calculated and measured concrete forms, we create temporary or permanent mould that is engineered to create concrete slabs and structures, to hold freshly poured concrete in place until the concrete is strong enough to hold its own weight and shape. 

Repair & Maintenance

Extreme Canadian weather or simply time, can damage and have direct effects on concrete. We like to provide assurance to your cite, by providing exceptional concrete repair and maintenance services for your infrastructure. 

Traffic Control

Through barricade traffic control, you can ensure your roads and sidewalks around your job cite ensure all stakeholder’s safety and wellbeing. We take calculated measures and spot out potential dangerous areas in order to provide a safe environment for all.

The road to success is ALWAYS under construction.”

Lily Tomlin

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